Open English uses Cambridge Dictionary API

Open English is an online learning school that guarantees fluency in 18 months. It offers students unlimited live classes with native speaking teachers and an interactive learning experience. It has tens of thousands of students and is available in over 20 countries. Open English use Cambridge Dictionaries in their learning experience by providing the opportunity to look up words and hear their pronunciations as students work on activities.

Open English video lesson with Cambridge Dictionary

Interchange built-in dictionary uses API

Interchange, the highly successful American English language learning course from Cambridge, now in its fourth edition, has recently added the power of the Cambridge Dictionaries Online API so that learners can look up words easily as they find them.

This Screesnshot of Interchange 4th Edition shows the dictionary feature, and the definition of "conversation".

The dictionary, along with other research and navigational tools, pops up as a sidebar and offers a definition, examples and audio pronunciation.

What are you doing with the dictionary?

Once you've built your application, don't forget to show us how you're using the API!